Meeting 1: Sep 23,2018

First meeting all together
Items: pyramids, Harrow card game, and metal money  pisces

Everyone goes over what the cards have on them symbol wisr
Discussing the suit
4 player

Idea 1
Kingdom game everyone in charge Pyramids would take the place of kingdoms, tracks game board for measurement, coins mark status moneywise, graphic on board for cards, cards would be events to trigger. Milestones

Idea 2
Fortune telling game, game board would have certain placements for cards
Each player has one deck, a sense of buying cards possibly, trying to get all of a kind in a row or different ones in a row. We fulfill a prophecy. Trading, stealing, revealing. Sequences, public info, 3 card sequences. Point at witch the game ends, certain number of rounds, game over count  whatever the points are calculated by. Have listed the different scoring. 1 action during turn, play card in empty area on board, or draw random card.

Idea 3

A story game, you are given 3 cards, person who has most engaging story, 5 coins can be handed to player with best story, put a coin in middle- has to include or has to end how, first one with 3 pyramid games  

Decide on how judging works- if its just turn based

Idea 4

Keep suits separate
Areas on map by suits on cards
Collect parts of prophecy, collect all, to complete a prophecy
Decks tied to locations, areas to explore

Find 1 card in a deck
We are all asking questions and figuring out what happens with that

Locations : player could be the pyramid tries to get the  set in 3

Player controls a party
Largest pieces is strongest

5 locations 3 pieces- collect cards from each suit, face down cards, move on cards either look at it or take it  

Complete prophecy 3 in same row or column, one card per character

Slots for triangles, pisces get captured, score completed prophecy


We begun our first meeting for our final project on Sunday September 23rd and met from 5:30-6:30. The three random items we chose were the Harrow card game, the set of colorful pyramids, and the metal coins. Dennis wanted to be the creative lead so he explained the basic themes he had been thinking of. We then started to discuss what each item could be used as and for, from this we then asked questions as a whole of what the broad theme or mechanics could be like. I would say we spent a fair amount of time on the topic of symbols on the cards. The first idea that was brought up was a kingdom game where players would be in charge of pyramids that represent the kingdoms. This game would involve a board and have tracks for measurement. The coins will mark the monetary value. We would create a board with graphics of card slots. The cards would be events to trigger. The second idea we had discussed was a fortune telling game. This would involve a game board that would have certain placements for the cards. An idea that sprung from this was to have the players fulfill a  prophecy. The third idea consists of a story game where you are given three cards and person who has most engaging story wins. This would be turn based and each player would receive five coins to be handed to players with the best stories. We ended our discussion for the night and did not decide which game to use.

Entry by Alli Webb - QA
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