Shane Dowling - Rule Manager

1At this point in development, we have two main concepts: a prophecy/exploration game involving collecting cards and moving around a board, and a storytelling game when players are given cards and must construct an entertaining story around them, with one player judging each round to determine the best story. Dennis brought up an idea for the prophecy game; when two suites of nine cards each are completed, the game ends. We started leaning more towards the prophecy concept, and discussed the possibility of players having to collect three cards of either the same suite or different suites. The cards also have their symbols in different locations, so completed sets of cards must have their symbols in the same row (top, middle, or bottom). Another idea that came up was allowing players to access the discard pile (graveyard) somehow. The multi color prisms would be used as pieces controlled by the player. Players would also be able to capture each others’ pieces by moving onto the same space as them, allowing the captor to see the cards of the captured player. However, prisms must be larger than the other prisms they are capturing. Players would be limited to two actions per turn: actions constitute moving one space, capturing another piece, and choosing to look at a card your piece has landed on or taking that card. Each piece can only carry one card at a time, although players can store up to two cards in the ‘tavern,’ which functions as the starting point. Cards cannot be stolen from the tavern. We played a test game to get a general idea of how our idea would play out, though the final game would definitely have a board to make things more clear. While doing so, we debated what should constitute a completed set of cards; should all the cards have their symbol in the same location, or just the same column/row?
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