Dev Diary: Tyler Marcus - Art Director

We began our meet by setting up and testing out the rules we made the previous meet. So we have 4 areas all each having 1 specific suit. We all start at a tavern with our 3 different pieces of varying power. We found some cardboard so we can start planning out how we want our board to look like. At this point we believe that it will be a disconnected board. One board for the map and smaller parts of the board for the player to keep track of their cards. While setting up we started talking about how the layout should be. Because of the fact that when 2 decks deplete the game ends, the games went by way to fast. So we starting thinking of ways to randomize the areas while still encouraging players to move around. We decided to keep all the areas as the same suit like from yesterday, but now instead of depleting 2 decks to end the game we upped the value to 3 decks depleted to end the game. As we talked further about the game we found that there wasn’t a real need for a board, at least not a map. After that we started talking about how to complete a prophecy and gain a point. The first point brought up was getting 3 of a kind with the same card position. Another suggestion was that wes should do the same thing, but instead of the same position, but in the same row or column. To take a break from the debate we agreed that we want to have 4 decks and 4 areas and the other 2 suits left over are just gone from the game. This simplified it a lot and made traversal a bit easier, encouraging others to move around the map. Going back to the prophecy matching, we decided that the second suggestion of having 3 of a kind in the same row or column would be easy to understand and make it a bit easier to find cards. After deciding on this stuff, Shane started working on a more solidified rule list that he’s going to work. We realized that we don’t really need the coins that we got, but we do have one in the center to represent the tavern where the players start and need to return their prophecies.
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