Irakli Grigolia - QA
So at this point, we have a game that is playable but we still have to figure out the rules and polish some aspects of the game. We decided to change a win condition because with our last win condition the game lasted forever, so after the change, the win condition is to complete only one prophecy instead of multiple prophecies. We don't have the lore done yet but Denis is working on it and soon enough the lore will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tyler wrote the names of the suits and and put them close to the deck of cards , just so we know which deck of cards have which suit. We decided to play a game and fix some problems and ambiguities on the way. We try to figure out what counts as an action,Shane explained that either you can go to a certain card and take it or go to a card and just look at it and put it down , both of these would count as two actions, but if you are already on a card, you can look at it and take it as well and then it would count as two actions. There was little confusion with win conditions,  originally I thought win condition was to collect 3 cards of a different suit in the same column or in the same row but after some discussion, we decided to change win condition to 3 cards of a different suit in the same row, positioning does not matter.  After like 20-30 mins we finished the game and I won, but we think that it happened not because that the actual gameplay was for 30 mins but because we were playing it slowly and discussing rules and other stuff connected to the game, so actual game time is probably around 15-20 mins.
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